Monday 27 November 2023

Gleanings: III

within the womb of winter 
travel to the self long-concealed 
find openings. but no way through 

is wellness possible in this world? 

keep seeking and discover darkness 
firelight (and a circle of women) 
creates quiet and discloses a centre 
that finally opens so 
reborn from the belly of winter 
the heart is ruptured, spilling, red red 
into a surging spring 

outside is where I go in 
to grow downwards 
to connect with the ground 
and root into dreams that flow with 
the shimmer-song of summer 
I become the opening I enter 
into the interior where 
birds sing and silence speaks 
and I am seen and see 

can I mould my life to the shape of this vision? 
or will I forget infinity? 

sliding into autumn blue and loss 
the melancholy turning 
I trust my heart to the seasons 

even concealed again 
all worlds are connected and 
I am still journeying

(October 2023)

Monday 20 November 2023

Gleanings: II

worn down and drowned
a nub of rough stone
entering the undertow
sinking down to be claimed
by the riverbed


cold water slips over the surface
of a small stone heart

what is the language of illness? of immersion in the undercurrent?

sounding out the depths of
the dim life down there
rolling with inner tides that riffle the mud
tugging at dreams that attempt to surface
dissolving what is known in the murk
softening in silt
gentling stone to quiet
darkness and deepening
inhabiting the liquid of malleability

there is no fixed point, only flow
even for stone
transformations in a ceaseless stream
a confluence of cool moving waters
soothing, wearing smooth

until the nub is grasped, fluent in the hand

(September 2023)

Tuesday 14 November 2023

Gleanings: I

parted from self 
mind awry 
in dark grief and 
bound within 
enclosed spaces 
heart locked away 

opening up my chest 
singing out sorrows 
everything is black and red 

something ends then 

I want to shed my skin 
to discard the numbness 
I have used to clothe myself

and seek suitable blessings 
to hold my attention, to deepen towards – 
gentleness and flow and allowing 

I long to be borne by 
many hearts, many hands 
so I am carried 
still heart-sore, but knowing 
I am swimming in the body of love 

and if I start slowly from 
a low-to-the-ground place 
I find my frailty has been my strength 
opening, the fragile flower of hope 
for even what is lost might still seed

(September 2023)