Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Ghost Stories

A rough little ‘story sketch’ of mine called Bird has just been published on the Blue Mountains Library’s writers’ blog, Writers in the Mist, showcasing some of the work by members of my writers’ group.

The stories were all written from the same prompt, which I provided at our meeting in April, which was to:

Write a story about a ghost 
In order to avoid writing something clichéd or overly traditional, there are two rules: 
1. You must not use the following words: pale, white, sheet, spirit, or fluttering
2. You must use at least five of the following ten words: button, farm, clouds, ears, footprint, satchel, corner, ducks, flag, bilberries (I took these words more or less at random from the novel Thursbitch by Alan Garner)

This is an interesting example of our working methods, and reveals how different our outcomes (and styles) can be, even when presented with the same prompt (and some limitations, with those ten words to keep in mind).

So please do go and visit Writers in the Mist by clicking hereand have a read of our ghost stories.

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