Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Notes from the Heart of Winter

More calendula flowers have awakened, faces bright in the cold.

The sun is moving higher in the sky, so gradually—yet still too fast! I’m giddy with an ascent I can’t keep up with. It makes me sad, for part of me wants to stay in the dark of winter. Despite this, I know I’ll welcome spring, when it comes, for each day has its night, and the darkness is always within. 

Yet I’ve seen some spring blossoms opening already—some at the beginning of July! Is this normal, I wonder, or a sign of climate confusion? It seems Spring is already on her way, doing battle with the Queen of Winter.

Thoughts of immanence; of potentialities rather than actualities; of opposites dancing.

A noisy-bright rainbow lorikeet.

The warm feeling and green smell of summer, right here. A gift of images that called up an intense longing that I wanted to grasp, a tangible expression of how opposites coexist—high summer in the depths of winter.


  1. The colours of your budding Spring are SO vivid, exotic...
    I left a wee reply to your comment over on Hilja's post :) x

  2. Thank you Therese for your comment about Mia on Corina's page. I am going to put the whole poem on FB ....from Annie


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