Thursday, 24 May 2018

Lakeside Sights

Recently I took myself on a walk to the lake, in search of ducks—but I saw so much more!

This Pacific Black Duck made a beeline straight for me, perhaps hoping I had some food.

There were many Welcome Swallows swooping and gliding.

So many sleepy ducks.

Eurasian Coots, with the cutest little feet.

Majestic cormorants. It was only when I got home and looked through my photos that I realised that, of the three cormorants I saw, there were two different species. As far as I can tell—after consulting my field guide—the first and third pictured here are Little Black Cormorants, while the middle one, with the yellow bill, is a Great Cormorant.

A Great White Egret.

A Welcome Swallow at rest.

A cheeky Crimson Rosella.

And gorgeous Galahs.

So much birdlife in one place! What a privilege to call the Blue Mountains home.


  1. so pretty---living in america, things like galahs and rosellas seem so vivid. our most colourful birds (here in maryland, at any rate) are blue jays, goldfinches, and cardinals. we do have some exquisite herons and egrets, and many other beautiful or impressive birds, but that level of colour is not seen, and feels very exotic.

  2. So lovely. We have many similar birds here. And I always love it when the Australian lorikeets come flying through :-)


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