Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Spring Begins

Spring begins early, with nodding daffodils …

… then cherry blossoms …

… and other blossoms I do not know the name of—though they are no less beautiful for that—all a-buzz with bees …

… and delicate white blooms.

There are wattle flowers, like tiny yellow pompoms …

… and more pompoms …

… and violets in our garden.

I am trying to take it all in, for I know that soon enough the many petals will fall, like windblown snow, or confetti thrown, and spring will be over for another year.


  1. A beautiful homage to the new season.

  2. Your Spring...

    Is our Autumn.

    Lovely to remember that it's-topsy-turvy, on the other side of the glove. :-) And to remember that we can experience, the opposite season, simply by dipping into blogs from there.


    Luna Crone

    1. Yes! I like to think that the seasons all contain a little bit of their opposite within them. I have some of your autumn, and you have some of my spring.

    2. I think this is the Truth of our world, Therese - it's never either/or, but always both/and... Your Spring, our Autumn, your days brighten, ours darken... I love the essential Paradox in this :D xx


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