Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Slowing Down After Sprinting Through October

October passed by in something of a blur. When I signed up to get the Creative Sprint prompts I did so out of curiosity, wondering what they would be like, whether they would inspire me. I had not intended to actually take part, only changing my mind at the last minute. And then suddenly I was in the thick of it, required to make something and share it online each day.

While I have learned that it is possible to make something (almost) everyday, and some of the prompts did lead me to create things I was pleased with, what I disliked about the whole process was the incredibly fast-paced nature of it. On most days I felt rushed, and often resorted to easy options rather than making any great effort. As I said in a previous post, what is necessary to life, and necessary to the making of art, is peace, quiet and a lack of haste. Creative Sprint seemed like the antithesis to that slower way of living and creating.

So, would I take part again? No. 

It was certainly a good challenge, and I might stay on the email list. Some of the prompts were stimulating. But I will not ‘sprint’ again. It has left me frazzled, a tad overwrought.

My path is one I must walk slowly, ensuring that I am not distracted from what is most important. Creative Sprint was fun, but it was distracting, forcing me to spend more time online than I would have liked, and making me fall behind with other important things. It did give me a break from writing my usual posts here—which I did sorely need—but in the end I believe it was too much for me. My (very limited) energy is better directed towards the creative work that I consider to be essential and meaningful, rather than just creating things for the sake of it.

I do not want to be disparaging of the project. It is a good one. Many people produced great art, and it was fascinating seeing how differently people’s minds worked, interpreting the prompts in many ingenious ways. Also, it reminded me of the truth that you do not know what you are capable of creating until you try—something I often forget; and to stick with ideas and follow them through, rather than giving up at the first hurdle—my usual habit. But, ultimately, Creative Sprint is not for me.

So, as I have concluded my 30 days of art, my usual posts should now resume. However, since I am going through a difficult phase with my health at the moment—perhaps I have taken on too much this year—I may post less frequently from now on, so bear with me. Two or three times per month might be my limit—though it all depends on the Muse, and I can’t make predictions about Her. She comes when She chooses to. Perhaps I will create more short posts—a photo here, a quote there—and less long essays. All I know is that I must sink back into Nature’s Time and obey my own internal rhythms once more. If I do that, all will be well, in its way.

Happy Beltane to my southern readers, and happy Samhain to those in the north. As Beltane and Samhain are fire festivals, I think this blazing waratah is a fitting flower to symbolise both.


  1. Gorgeous photo. While I enjoyed the sprint, I too felt the pressure of following the daily prompt, and it was my choice whether to follow through. I missed a few days but my blog really suffered. I'll finish up my discussion of the Sprint and get back to my regular routine. Oh wait, sometimes I don't have one because life just gets in the way. My best wishes for good health.

    1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who felt a bit pressured. I love the idea of the prompts, as they can really get surprising results, and motivate me to do something rather than nothing at all. I just need a bit more time and space to be able to create at my own pace. Thank you so much, Candy.

  2. "I must sink back into Nature’s Time and obey my own internal rhythms once more. If I do that, all will be well, in its way."

    Wisdom! On yes, wisdom! I am so happy for Nature's Time again!!!!! And am perfectly happy, to live by it. Unlike many, and I am sorry for them, that this coming time of year, causes them pain. And so happy, that it does not, for me.

    I can't imagine doing a-project-a-day. Any kind of project. Never have signed up for any. Not even a post-a-day for a month. Nothing would drive my muse away, faster. :-)

    Listen to your own self... Follow her prompts... She knows what is best for you.

    Warm hugs and blessings, going into Winter,
    Luna Crone

    1. It was a challenge for me to complete something everyday. But I felt it was necessary—I needed to remind myself that I can do art, that I do have abilities in that area. Sometimes just getting started is the hardest thing, so being 'forced' to do something everyday was useful in that sense. But yes, I need to learn to work by my own rhythms, to go slowly and thoughtfully, and I am trying to listen to myself, to find out what I need. Thank you, Luna. x


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