Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Exalted, Tender Ordinary

Grey fantail
… One morning I saw a robin singing in a high branch, and the angle of its beak was the angle of hope: those extra degrees beyond the necessary and the abundance of bird-joy and robin-poetry made me cry for its song of well-being. The sheer goodness of nature for the sick psyche is incomparable; there in green one is not judged, one is accepted, with consolation and company. Nature gives you the exalted, tender ordinary – as of right.

(Jay Griffiths, Tristimania: A Diary of Manic Depression, Penguin, 2017, p. 25) 

Eastern spinebill


  1. Thank you for this lovely quote about the robin's poetry and the companionship of nature...bird song has a way of arrowing straight to one's heart, doesn't it?

    1. Yes, it does. Even just the sight of them—especially these tiny, difficult to capture on camera, ones. Thank you, Carmine.


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