Tuesday, 8 August 2017

An Everywhen: A Poem

Expanding inwardly, 
creating more space for the generative darkness.
An inhalation that opens the interior
– in-held breath – 
so there is (no longer) an exterior – 
only self, whole.

Bird-self, tree-souled, 
a bow to the Others who 
make me.

Yellow wattle shining in afternoon light, 
gold-lit green fierceness at midwinter. 
The same yellow in the lemons, 
round-bright and sweet with sour.

I write from myself and for myself, 
from what is not myself, 
to be more truly myself
– transparent – 
cutting through illusion to the real: 
tree, sunlight, breeze, bird.

Rainbow lorikeets, faster than 
my eye can follow, 
entering me with their feather-selfs, 
opening me to what I am not, and to
the interplay of complements without hierarchy.

Relishing this place, this 
everywhen – for I am,
now, I am; 
will not be, one day; 
have not been, before –
but now – NOW – 
I am – 
and the earth embraces me, 
one small molecule of 
her curvaceous flesh.

(July 2017)

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