Friday, 24 November 2017

Paying Attention

I’ve not been doing much, due to my low energy levels, and a recent cold. But I’ve felt somewhat better the last few days, with enough energy to take my camera with me into the garden, and see what has been happening in my absence. I think it is important to notice, to pay attention, to feel grateful for the life that is around me. This isn’t something I can always do, but when I can, I find that it helps me to see beyond my own individual problems, and situate myself within the broader natural community of which I am part—the life and health of which, overall, is so much more important than my own. 

The crimson bottlebrush is flowering, and haloed by bee-hum.

Crimson bottlebrush, Callistemon citrinus
Fuzzy peachlings are growing, and little apples.

I’ve been regularly picking and drying calendula, to be used for tea, and soon perhaps, with the addition of comfrey, a healing salve.

The local wattlebirds have raised a young ’un, who is probably all grown up by now.

The butterflies have been busy. I’ve always loved these tiny blue-grey ones, with wings the colour of storms.

And I’m still finding bush blooms.

Native iris, Patersonia sericea
Mountain devil, Lambertia formosa
I recently stocked up on greeting cards featuring my art. It’s a little bit strange seeing my own work in that form, but they don’t look too bad, if I do say so myself. They are available for purchase here.

Also, excitingly, some significant changes will soon be taking place …


  1. Seeing the bottle brush so reminds me of my year in Kenya! And that wee butterfly is just gorgeous!
    Your cards look wonderful, Therese!


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