Friday, 16 March 2018

To Be Embodied Is To Heal

Consciousness is indefinable, except in how we sense it, allow the sensuous to give it form. When the mind is elevated above the body, we become unselves: half-alive, half-dead. 

I am my body, for good or ill (ha!); but to be embodied is to heal.

The physical world is primary—without it we cannot survive … and without it we cannot think, feel, perceive, experience. Without it there is nothing. 

All meaning inheres in what is, in the material—MATERial—Mother Earth. 

If we destroy the earth, we destroy ourselves. Every drill fracking down into earth’s flesh is violating my own.

(Thoughts adapted from my notebook, July 2017)


  1. it's true. and i am surprised that more people don't seem to feel it---the violation, i mean.

    the embodiment being key to consciousness is true, too. i am more myself, more conscious and more intelligent, i daresay, now when i am not so well, than i ever was when i was young and healthier and living mostly in my head.

    1. Yes. I'm generally reluctant to say such things, because I think many people would be confronted by that kind of talk, about the violation of earth and ourselves being linked. Yet sometimes I feel the need to speak the truth. A bit more of that might make the world a different place.

      I've known for a long time that embodiment is vital for health (and everything else about life). It's still not an easy thing for me to achieve, but I am working on finding my own way to create that change in my life.

  2. I just finished reading a post by Toko-pa on this same subject. I so much agree with you. And with nofixedstars - how do not more people feel the violation?

    1. I just read that post too. :) It's a subject that is popping up everywhere.

      I think maybe people do feel the violation in some way—unhappiness, feeling unfulfilled and lost—they just don't recognise precisely what is causing them to feel the way they do; that perhaps it isn't them that is the problem, but the world. Yet I am sure that there are also many who deny and ignore and just don't care.


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