Thursday, 26 April 2018

Red, And Readiness

Autumn is advancing, reds becoming redder. I have been seeking them.

A red-crowned Gang-Gang cockatoo must have passed this way.

Late harvests of tiny tomatoes.

Holly berries.

Red-robed Olwen, by Alan Lee (an illustration from The Mabinogion).

A somewhat unseasonal callistemon bloom.

Red birds, inside the pages of a birthday gift.

A red mask—an artwork in Brian Froud’s World of Faerie (2007).

Red shoes.

A wine red cardigan I finished knitting several months ago, but only completed recently after acquiring and attaching the toggles. It is so cosy, with extra long arms with thumbholes to keep my hands warm, and, best of all—pockets!

Red warms the heart, so that as the threshold of Samhain approaches, I am ready to cross over into the blue of winter.


  1. As your world turns red, ours turns greener by the day...
    Lovely photos!

  2. it's funny how powerful colour is...and how purely it appears in nature often. and red may be the most powerful, magic-associated colour of all. it makes perfect sense to me to crave the warm, grounding effect of red as one moves into autumn and winter...


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