Monday, 6 April 2020

How Many Generations?: A Poem

When the system 
has collapsed and 
there is no more 
travel or trade –

and even the internet 
has been shut down! –

how many generations 
will it take before 
distant places are 
once more seen 
as fabled lands?

Sunday, 5 April 2020


I wish that the only beings who flew were birds, bats and insects.

I hope the planes remain grounded for as long as possible*, so the ‘eairth,’ as David Abram has called it, can breathe.

* forever

Friday, 3 April 2020

Beauty for Strange Times

A few weeks ago I felt a strong call to withdraw from social media and to turn within. I was looking forward to the pursuit of quiet, slowness, and inner work. 

Then the pandemic crisis escalated and many of us were forced into some form of isolation. Though social isolation is not unfamiliar to me (as I am sure is the case for many people who live with chronic illness or disability), it felt wrong to cut myself off from the world. As torn as I am about the value and healthiness of the internet, I can see that it’s performing an important social function in these uncertain times.

And paradoxically, now that I am actually forced to stay at home, I feel as if I’ve been called back into the world, and I’ve been paying all the more attention to beauty. I’ve been sharing quite a lot of photos on social media, of birds, and the moods of the mountains, as well as quotes and art and things I have made.

So I thought I’d leave some of those images here, as gifts for anyone who is online, looking for beauty, and some respite from the anxiety of these strange times.

The potent medicine of water: for calmness in turbulent times … and ducks!

Superb fairy wrens: a female; and a male growing into his adult feathers.

Beautiful morning skies.

Little garden beastie (an eastern water skink) making the most of the autumn sun.

A strange line in the clouds.

Mountains, and mountainous cloud formations.

It’s mushroom season!

A watery start to April.

Mountain devil in flower.

A satin bowerbird who was a little annoyed at me.

And cockatoos, looking smug as always.

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